Friday, December 30, 2005

A very very new beginning

Welcome to a new beginning to the wonderful world of Leezerk. Now you obviously aren't going to go back a read about the other Leezerk stoy. No, I want you to sit back and let all the memories from that old post drain out of your head and brace yourself for the new. Well, here it goes.


Hi again. I decided to leave you in suspense for what is yet to come. Don't worry, I'll be frequent this time.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sorry Frequent Readers!!!

I am incredibly sorry to the readers who are my biggest fans. This blog is still going to be under the name Leezerk, but the story is changed. We never ended up getting this far on this site. There was a major battle between Therese and Kit and they became freinds. Happy! Happy! Anyway, there was a little boy named James who traveled to Leezerk. The stories that will be posted on this blog are his stories, just as good if not even better.
The Writer
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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Beginning

It was a warm day, perfect for swimming. The air was fresh and the sweet smell of Spring was in the air. The sensasation that ran through every being was estactic. If one were to walk along the seashore today they would have felt a peace that is indescribable, but not in Leezerk.

Leezerk was in its own a quaint quiet little place with houses and streets, but no humans inhabited it. You see it was a place with rolling hills, giant lakes, mountains that were so beautiful one could spend days at a time just staring at their majestic glory. Leezerk was a place so unique and different that even a story book can't describe. The way the grasses sang their scratchy hyms and clouds danced lullabyes could easily put one to sleep. The blue sky was constantly overcome with white fluffy clouds that were as soft as cottan candy. The huge radiant sun sang out its deep-throated songs of joy and happieness. Leezerk was almost perfect and it was almost always a place of joy.

The inhabitants were amazing creatures. Each of them could be described in a paragraph of their own, but something about each of them was so unique and so special that they were hardly describable. There were dragons, trolls, cows, fairies, lomgers, elves, unicorns, and many more exciting, amazing, magnificent creatures, but those must be saved for another time. The way that each of them move and sway, singing a song of their own is a whole new dance in itself.

Today was different in Leezerk, though. Today the sky was dull and the air was cold. The hills stopped rolling and the lakes were not shining. The tunes of the grasses were slow and sad. The clouds were rough and the sun didn't seem so big anymore. The inhabitants sulked and a sense of fear overpowered them. Today was a bad day and a bad year. Today a destiny for Leezerk was taking place and no one in Leezerk could stop it.

In the house at the very end of Dragon Lane a new birth was beginning and in the house on Market street another creature was awakened. The destiny and all the stories began here and the story of all time was arising. The clouds were black and winds hurridly whispered about the new arrivals. The sun gave his comments in a deep, belowy voice that shook the horizon. They knew that one of these little creatures would fufill a destiny and the other would get in its way.

The Dragon family lived in a quiet little neighborhood where hardly any activity ever occured. Mr. Henry P. Dragon was a very respected citizen in all of Leezerk and his wife Mrs. Cherry Dragon was also a worthy inhabitant. They were young dragon each with family members who had set up names for them and given them an easy start in life. They were kind, gentle dragon each with their own special nature and sense of humor. Each were so beautiful that they took ones breath away.

Cherry, had soft red skin. She had long eyelashes that fluttered every so often when she was excited. Her soft, quiet nature made her kind face glow. She was beautiful and the most magnificent dragon in all of Leezerk. Cherry was always patient and never angry. Never would she yell or breath out a gust of smoke and fire. She was the one who kept her husband in line always being careful not to set off his temper. She helped the inhabitants of Leezerk grow and adapt to their surroundings. Most of the creatures of Leezerk refered to her an angel of love.

Her husband, Henry, was a larger dragon with a deep-throated laugh that came from the depths of his large heart. He was a rusty red color with sharp, blue eyes. His actual personality was quite different than his gruff looks. He had a kind soul but a quick temper. He was much more differnt than his wife. He was into making Leezerk more industrialized with huge machines and big factories. He was a buisness dragon and a good one too.

They were a perfect match. He had found the dregon of dreams and she had found her king. Now there was to be a little one on this gloomy day. A dragon that would grow up to change Leezerk forever. This was one of the two little creatures that would change Leezerk forever.

She was born at two a.m. A little ball of pink glittery scales that sparkled when they caught the light. No one knew what she would become, a buisness dragon or a compassionate heart. The only thing sure of this dragon was that she, Kit was the chosen one.

The cow family was wealthy. They were high in society and had a major impact on how Leezerk was run. They walked as if they were the king and queen of Leezerk and they acted just the same. They lived in Terrace Mansion on market street. Their names were Mr. Jonathan S. Cow and Mrs. Margerete Cow.

Mr. Jonathan Cow was a riot. He was a major part in the industrial world, a vegitarian, and a snob. He came from a long line of snobs who had easily and manipulatively carved their way into Leezerk. No one liked the cow family, and no one could stop them. Jonathan was white with black spots and owned the company Cowco. He had cold blue eyes that clearly stated not to get in his way. He was the money maker and the buisnessman. He owned the house and he was terrible, but not quite as bad as his wife.

Margerete was also from a line of rich snobs. She was the reason her husband owned Cowco and she was the reason the family name was hated. Her fake smile that leaped across her face whenever she gave a large donation to a charity was sickening. Her bright red lipstick was always overdone. Her nose ring was a little too hideous and her constantly fluttering eyes were enough to make one sick. She was milk chocolate brown with white spots. Her eyes were a deep blue constatnly searching out anything and everthing that a creature did wrong. Her servents were always beat at the end of the day, but she was too vain to notice.

Again there was another perfect match, and another little creature too be born. They were sure of themselves that this would be another perfect child in the cow family line and they got their wish at two o' one in the morning. Therese Marjorie Cow was an exact replica of her mother. All of Leezerk was sure of one thing, nothing would stand in this cow's way. And so began the tales of Leezerk with two creatures, a drago and a cow that would fulfill a destiny.